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My favorite way to create mixtapes on the go.

May 18, 2018 | Music

Creating Mixtapes is fun.


Music is a part of my life that I couldn’t live without. Music makes everything easier and much more enjoyable. And mixing your favorite songs together creates an even greater mixing experience. But not everyone has the skills or equipment to create their own Mixtapes. You need a lot of equipment that is very expensive – or a complicated software to help you mix your tracks.

This is where Pacemaker comes in. Pacemaker is a great app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to create your very own mixtapes on the fly. Just plug some speakers in, pick your favorite songs and you’re good to go.

Also, lucky you if you have a Spotify Premium subscription – you can import your favorite playlists into Pacemaker and instantly get access to millions of songs to mix together.


Find great tracks that match.


Pacemaker helps you create great transitions & mash-ups by checking how good the songs fit each other. The compatibility is shown on a handy scale – and you can take a listen to see if you like said track. Pacemaker also checks for a good spot for the songs to crossfade.

Play around with effects.


Pacemaker allows you to tweak the Bass, Mids and Treble. You can also change the size of the room by changing the Reverb of the song. Those effects are all applied with Pacemaker’s intuitive touch controls – and a Kill FX button quickly turns off all the effects you have applied before.

If you can afford to lay a bit of money onto the table, you can also buy additional effects. You can filter out highs and lows with the Hi-Lo filter, create astonishing build-ups with the Whitenoise filter, chop up your mixtape, or lower your mixtape’s bitrate to create a cool 8-bit effect. My favorite one is the “Chop Chop” Effect, which creates a nice chop rhythm in your mixtape by quickly turning the Dry/Wet Filter up and down. This can be done every beat, every 1/2 beat, every 1/4 beat and every 1/8 bet.

Share your mix.


After you have created your awesome mixtape, you can share it with your friends and family. Also, the Pacemaker Community can listen to your mixtapes, give them a like and leave some feedback in the comments. You can also export your mixtape and share it on sites like SoundCloud, but only if it doesn’t contain songs from Spotify.

Pacemaker is available for iPhone, iPad and even for the Apple Watch. Whilst the iPad app has most features, the iPhone app allows you to create quick mashups and mixtapes on your daily commute, in your bed, in the café downtown, or anywhere else. You can create your next mix with only one hand, or even on your wrist, and instantly share them with your friends and family.

If you like creating your own mixes, you will absolutely love Pacemaker.

You can also follow me on Pacemaker or listen to my recent mixtape!

Also, this mixtape is very well mixed and shows you everything Pacemaker is capable off. Make sure to have a listen and leave some love over there!


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